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Exam Results Days 2018

A Level Results Day is 16 August 2018

Year 11 GCSE Results Day is 23 August 2018

Cockermouth School Exam Results 2017

A Level

  • Four students have been accepted onto a variety of courses at Oxford or Cambridge
  • 17 students achieved A* or A grades in all of their subjects
  • Over 40% of students heading for higher education are taking up places at a Russell Group or one of the top 20 universities
  • The average A Level grade was a B
  • Just under 60% of grades were A*-B an increase of 10% on last year
  • Our Alps T score of 2 places us in the top 10% of schools in the country for progress
  • In terms of student progress, which is measured as a fraction of a grade overall, we score +0.13 for Academic A Levels which is significantly above the national average and +0.88 for Applied General A Levels
  • The average Applied General Level 3 qualification was a Distinction *
  • For those students who started sixth form without at least a grade C in English or maths, all three who needed English have now achieved at least a C grade, in maths one of the two students has now achieved a C grade
  • Retention from year 12 into year 13 was 94% with 99% retention during year 13
  • In 2017 83% of year 13 students went to university with 10% moving on to apprenticeships, 2% continuing with further education and the remaining 5% taking a gap year


  • The progress 8 score is +0.05
  • The attainment 8 score is 50.55
  • The percentage of students achieving a standard pass (grade 4) or better in both English and maths during Key Stage 4 was 77%
  • The percentage of students achieving a strong pass (grade 5) or better in English and maths during Key Stage 4 was 51%
  • The percentage of students entered for the English Baccalaureate was 48% with 31% achieving at C/5 or better
  • The percentage of students staying in education or employment for at least 2 terms after Key Stage 4 in 2015/2016 is 94%
  • The 2015/2016 percentage staying in a school sixth form is 54% with 37% moving to further education college and 9% moving on to apprenticeships

These outstanding results are clear evidence of the further progress that Cockermouth School is making and testament to the hard work of students, the sustained dedication of staff the strong partnership we have with parents.

The success of our students reflects the high aspirations we engender in them, reinforced with high levels of effort and support, and we are proud of the achievements of all our students, whether they are moving on to Sixth Form, College, apprenticeships, university or employment.

Dr Rob Petrie, Headteacher, said ‘As a truly comprehensive school we are thrilled to have achieved A Level results that put us in the top 10% of schools nationally. We are delighted with all our student performances and congratulate them on their achievements. Congratulations must also go to our fantastic staff who work tirelessly encouraging our students to fulfil their potential and to strive to be the very best that they can be.  We are sure with this outstanding foundation that all of our students will flourish as they move forward in life. We wish them all every success in their future careers.

Mr Rik Smith, Assistant Headteacher – Head of Key Stage 4, said ‘I am extremely proud of our Year 11 students; this excellent set of results is down to their sheer hard work and the phenomenal support from school staff and students’ parents. Our students are now suitably equipped to confidently go on to the most appropriate route to achieve the best outcomes for their futures.’

Mrs Charlotte Dumbill, Head of Sixth Form, said ‘I am particularly delighted that so many of our students achieved great success and met their high aspirations. At Cockermouth School, we are proud to be able to equip students so well for such a wide variety of future learning and employment opportunities, whether they choose to attend university or further education and training. Our focus is on ensuring that each individual has the best information and support possible to prepare them for their future beyond Cockermouth School.’

In the past two years, ten of our students have gone on to continue their studies at Oxford and Cambridge.

     Alice King          Dan Beresford       Catherine Dumbill      

 Alice King.png        Dan Beresford.png               Catherine Dumbill.png                                               

Studies English at        Studies Veterinary                 Studies Human                                                  
     Cambridge                    Science at                           Science at
                                          Cambridge                              Oxford

Harriet Wiggington       Matthew Lewis         Ben Farnworth

 Harriet Wiggington.png                 Matthew Lewis.png               Ben Farnworth.png

Studies Geography            Studies Natural Science          Studies Law 
            at                                             at                                      at       
        Oxford                                  Cambridge                        Cambridge

 Jack Wilson                 Hazel Naylor             Matthew Proctor

 Jack Wilson.png                  Hazel Naylor.png              Matthew Proctor.png

Studies Medicine                 Studies Geography               Studies History
            at                                             at                                       at
        Oxford                                     Oxford                               Oxford

Jonathon Wynne

 Jonathon Wynne.png

Studies Natural Science

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