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Transition  Questions & Answers

 At Cockermouth School we pride ourselves on the
 priority that we give to the transition from primary to   How does the curriculum at Cockermouth School   I am worried that I will not be able to do the   I am worried about getting put into detention, do
 secondary school.   compare with primary school?             work. Does the work seem much harder at            students get put into detention at Cockermouth
                                                              Cockermouth School than at primary school?         School?

 of our school community. We establish   It is a lot more fun                      It is more difficult, but to                       They do, but only if you
 routines and ensure the students become   because you get to study                be honest you don’t really                         do something really silly
 familiar with the facilities in our Year 7 area   lots of different subjects      notice that it is getting                          or if you don’t complete
 and know how to effectively find their way   and learn new things that            harder. It isn’t that it feels                     your work. Most students
 around our school site.        you didn’t get to do at                            much harder it just feels                          in Year 7 do not get any
                                primary school.                                    different.                                         detentions at all.
 We believe that it is vital that students have   Charlotte Bone                   Fraser Hemingway                                   Cameron Clague
 a successful transition into Cockermouth
 School, as this means that they have the
 opportunity to enjoy school and excel from
 the day that they join us.
 Miss Andrea Fox
 Students join us from a wide range of   Head of Year 7  How do you manage not to get lost at   What about at lunchtime, is there a good choice   How does Cockermouth School support students
 primary schools in the area; they are   Cockermouth School?  of food available?                                 who join from another secondary school?
 all equally welcome and we work hard
 to ensure that we meet all students in   You will be fine, because                There is a really good                             I visited the school and
 advance of them joining the school.   for the first week the                      choice of food available                           all my questions were
                                teachers take you to your                          in the canteen. I                                  answered by the helpful
 Towards the end of June, we invite   lessons. This gives you                      sometimes don’t know                               staff, they told me all I
 all Year 6 students who will be joining   time to learn your way                  what to pick.                                      needed to know and gave
 Cockermouth School for two intake days.   around. If you ever do                  Daniel Woodcock                                    guidance when I needed
 These are very important and enjoyable   get lost after that there is                                                                it. Then I was placed
 days, where the students will learn a   always someone to ask.                                                                       in a form group with
 great deal and gain a huge amount of   Natasha Stewart                                                                               some girls who quickly
 confidence ahead of the summer break.                                                                                                became good friends and
                                                                                                                                      they made me feel very
 In September, we ensure that the Year                                                                                                welcome.
 7 students are quickly made to feel part                                                                                             Molly Rankin

 show respect to each other in our daily interactions

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