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Key Stage 4  Key Stage 5

 We pride ourselves on the breadth of subjects offered   We are an aspirational, primarily academic Sixth Form and
 to students at Key Stage 4; three different pathways are   offer a broad range of A Levels.
 designed to suit different students’ abilities.
                                                  curiosity. Most students progress on to
                                                  university and a number take up higher
 proud of our work supporting students            level apprenticeships. We expect a good
 to plan for their future; while the majority     deal from them in terms of engagement
 of students stay on to our sixth form, we        and commitment but ensure that they have
 offer individual guidance to all students,       the support and encouragement they need
 regardless of their intended destination.
                                                  to meet the challenges head-on. We place
                                                  real importance on our non-qualification
 Mr Rik Smith                                     curriculum, comprising our Enrichment
 Head of Key Stage 4
                                                  and Futures Programmes. We believe that
                                                  our young people need to leave us as
                                                  well-educated, independent, confident and
                                                  engaged young adults, well-prepared for
                                                  the next stage of their education.
           Our well-qualified staff communicate
           real enthusiasm for their subjects, which   Mrs Charlotte Dumbill
 In addition to the core GCSEs, most   inspires our students to enjoy their   Head of Key Stage 5
 students study an additional four   “We encourage   learning and develop their own academic
 preference subjects, with both academic
 and vocational courses on offer. We are   students to develop
 able to meet almost all students’ subject   “Supporting younger students with
 combinations. Our hardworking and well   good study skills
 qualified staff deliver lessons that develop   mentoring, accelerated reader and
 students’ understanding of the curriculum,  and the ability to

 but also engage students with links to   sporting activities is an important part of
 knowledge beyond the scope of exam   learn independently.”
 specifications.   our Sixth Form programme.”

 While the focus within the classroom is on
 ensuring that each student makes the best
 possible progress, we are also immensely

 strive to include and value everyone as individuals                   a school at the heart of its community

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