Page 11 - Cockermouth School 6th Form Prospectus Sept 2017
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Inspiring excellence   Academic Curriculum

 through enquiring    We pride ourselves on offering a broad academic curriculum

 and reflective minds  that will prepare students well for the next stage in their
           education, and for their adult lives beyond school.

           We offer all key facilitating subjects at   Subject Information Booklet on our school
           A level, as well as a number of other   website.
           academic A Level courses, alongside
           some vocational subjects at Level 3.   Students are generally taught in small
                                                  groups and develop excellent working
           Students will choose either an academic   relationships with their teachers. They are
           pathway, a mixed pathway with two      encouraged to read around and beyond
           academic subjects and one vocational,   the syllabus, to follow their own interests
           or a vocational pathway with two or three   and deepen their understanding of the
           vocational subjects.                   subjects they are studying.

           Students are encouraged to speak to    All students have periods of timetabled
           the relevant subject teachers in class or   supervised private study. This helps them
           during our Open Evening to ensure that   to develop the independence they need to
           they have a clear idea of what studying a   be successful in their advanced studies at
           particular course will entail. Full details of   school and beyond.
           all the courses on offer can be found in our

          “Our Sixth Form curriculum is designed

           to nurture individual interests and instil a

           passion for learning.”

                                         we are proud of our friendly, warm and welcoming sixth form

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